Železničiarska 1556, 924 01 Galanta, Slovakia
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Dear visitors and guests. Our wellness is currently out of order until further notice. Thank you for understanding.

In the wellness centrum it is forbidden to smoke. The visit of the saunas is on own risk. After the sauna you feel pleased, nicely tired and in good mood.
Our wellness centrum has to offer:

  • Temperature of the environment 47–55 °C
  • 100% air humidity
  • Recommended time to spend in are 15 minutes
  • Cleans your lungs and skin because of intensive sweating

  • Temperature of the environment 85 °C
  • Heals the musculatur and with intensive perspiration the organism gets refrshed
  • Recommended time to spend in are 15 minutes
  • Helps to the immunsystem
  • Removes the stress

  • Temperature of the environment 35-55 °C
  • Ideal for engorgering of the organism and burning of fat

  • Refreshes the skin
  • The change of warm and cold water helps your imunity

The bath of kniepp is based on the changed aplication of warm and cold water on the legs. This hydrotherapic procedure with cold and warm water helps to relax your tired feet. As a basis for this procedur are bathtubs, with a deepness of 30 cm each and a temperature of 10-16 and 36-40 Celsius. The patient changes them after 30-60 sec from one tub to the other for a time period of 15 minutes.

  • The relaxation pool gives you the possibility to spend some quality time in thermal water with a temperature of 33 °C
  • By using this poll don‘t forget to massage your body with the water streams
  • Effects: relaxating, regenerating

Aromatherapy is a method of natural medicine. With the application of essential oils heals different diesease. The essential oils have substances with great healing characteristics.

List of prices

Entry for wellness for non clients, 3 hours 13 €
Entry for wellness for children (6-15 years), only with parents, 3 hours 6,50 €
Season-ticket for wellness, 10 entries 100 €
Gift certificate: 3 hours wellness 13 €

Prices in EUR are shown with tax, valid since 01.01.2014.